Affiliated Associations

Who We Are

RLSA is the Richmond chapter of NALS...the association for legal professionals (the national organization, and VALS...the association for legal professionals (the Virginia affiliate, RLSA is nonunion, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and nonprofit (501(c)(6)). RLSA was established in 1958 and originally known as the Richmond Legal Secretaries Association. Over the years, as job duties changed and as other legal professionals (i.e. paralegals, office administrators, human resources personnel, and even attorneys) joined our membership, or name changed and we are now known as Richmond Legal Staff Association. We are "dedicated to enhancing the competencies and contributions of members in the legal services profession. It accomplishes its mission and supports the public interest through:

Continuing legal education and resource materials
Networking opportunities at the local, state, regional and national levels
Commitment to a Code of Ethics and professional standards
Professional certification programs and designations"

(NALS Mission Statement).RLSA’s purposes are to:

(1) Further the education of those engaged in legal work and to cooperate with attorneys, judges, and bar associations in stimulating a high order of professional standards and ethics among persons engaged as legal professionals in private law offices, trust companies, various courts, and municipal and governmental agencies.

(2) Promote the objectives of NALS.

RLSA hosts dinner meetings the fourth Monday of each month (except May, November, and December), at which time we provide legal education for our members and guests through our “CLE After Hours” program, followed by our business meetings. In addition, NALS and VALS offer numerous continuing legal education programs each year.Members also have access to a great networking system all across the U.S.